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Policies 5000's Personnel

BP5000 Recruitment And Selection Of Staff

BP5001 Hiring Of Retired School Employees

BP5005 Employment: Disclosures, Certification Requirements, Assurances And Approval - Revised

BP5010  Nondiscrimination And Affirmative Action

BP5011 Sexual Harassment

BP5012 Employment Of Persons With Disabilities

BP5020 Collective Bargaining

BP5021 Applicability Of Personnel Policies

BP5050 Contracts
    BP5050 - Revised

BP5110 Recruitment And Selection Of Staff

BP5121 Unprofessional Conduct

BP5130 Infectious Disease Control

BP5141 Certificated Staff Members

BP5142 Provisional Employment

BP5143 Persons Replacing Certified Staff On Leave

BP5144 Adjustments To Certified Staff Contracts

BP5145 Supplemental Employment Agreements

BP5201 Drug Free Schools, Community And Workplace

BP5210 Assignment. Reassignment And Transfers

BP5213 Part-Time Staff

BP5214 Job-Sharing Staff Members

BP5220 Certificated And Classified Staff Job Descriptions

BP5221 Length Of Workday

BP5222 Evaluation Of Non-Administrative Staff

BP5223 Conflicts Of Interest

BP5224 Staff Participation In Political Activities

BP5230 Certificated And Classified Staff Personnel Records

BP5240 Resolution Of Staff Complaints

BP5241 Reporting Improper Governmental Activities

BP5250 Termination Of Employment

BP5253 Maintaining Professional Staff/Student Boundaries

BP5254 Probation, Non-Renewal Or Termination

BP5255 Disciplinary Action And Discharge

BP5259 Federal Highway Administrated Mandated  Drug And Alcohol Testing

BP5310 Compensation

BP5312 Pay Periods

BP5313 Payroll Deductions

BP5314 Tax Deferred Annuity-Compensation

BP5315 Garnishment And Personal Credit Problems

BP5320 Personal Leaves

BP5321 Sick Leave

BP5322 Maternity Leave

BP5323 Family Emergency Leave

BP5324 Military Leave

BP5325 Jury Duty And SuBPoena Leave

BP5326 Emergency Leave

BP5327 Discretionary Leaves

BP5328 Leave Sharing

BP5331 Insurance

BP5332 Retirement Programs

BP5333 Holidays

BP5336 Use Of Tobacco On School Property

BP5340 Staff Development

BP5341 Reimbursement For Travel Expenses

BP5345 Teacher Assistance Programs

BP5403 Emergency And Discretionary Leave - Revised

BP5404 Family, Maternity And Military Caregiver Leave - Revised

BP5406 Leave Sharing - Revised

BP5407 Military Leave

BP5410 Substitute Employment

BP5420 Para-Educators

BP5430 Volunteers

BP5440 Student Teachers