April 13 Update

posted Apr 13, 2020, 12:04 PM by Brad VanDyne   [ updated Apr 13, 2020, 12:05 PM ]
Loon Lake Families,  

While I am not sure if last week’s spring break was any different than any other week for you during these strange times, I hope it was a good week for your family nonetheless.  

So now that we have had a little time to digest the idea that school is cancelled for the year, I wanted to touch base with you again with some thoughts on this, and I will do this by answering 3 questions that have come up from families.     

The first question is, what does this extended school closure mean for learning?  Even though our school building is closed and we are not allowed to provide in-person education for our kids, we do not believe learning is closed.  The teachers and I are working hard to figure out how we can best serve the needs of each of our kids.  We will continue to provide learning packets for each child, which are available each Monday.  Our goal is to get these in the hands of each and every student.  If you are unable to pick them up, which, by the way, happens through a contactless system in front of the school, please let us know so we can deliver them to you.  Let’s get creative and work together to get these materials to our kids.

The second question relates to the first, and that is, are we going to start doing school online?  The short answer to this is no.  The reality is, very few schools in our state are able to magically change to an online system, and it would be a challenge for us as well.  At Loon Lake, we believe requiring online learning would be an injustice to our families without readily available internet or devices at home.  The state is exploring options to expand internet access, which is great, but that is a marathon and not a sprint.   It’s just simply not going to happen any time soon.  That being said, we definitely want to provide learning opportunities to families who can access them online, but we will not be requiring them.  This all the more reason to make sure each and every student is getting their hands on the learning packets we are providing.  

One last side note on learning – your child’s teacher is aching to help them in any way they can.  They miss their kids like crazy.  If your child has questions about their learning packets, please reach out.  The relationship between a teacher and a child, especially at the elementary level, is magical.  We want to keep this relationship going.  In fact, whenever this pandemic is in our rearview mirrors and social distancing is no longer required, we definitely need to gather as a school community.  It could be in June, July, or August, or who knows when, but let’s celebrate together when the time comes.  

Last question.  I know many parents are asking if this cancellation means their child has to repeat the grade they are in now.  Once again, the answer is no.  Our job, as a school and a community, is to keep learning going as best we can for each child so they are ready for their next grade in September.

As always, if you need anything at all, or have other questions, please let me know.  Call me directly here at the school or email me.  I promise I will get back to you.  

Have a great day and take good care –