posted Mar 13, 2020, 1:13 PM by Brad VanDyne   [ updated Mar 13, 2020, 1:15 PM ]
March 2, 2020

Dear Loon Lake School District Families,

School district staff are closely monitoring reports relating to the coronavirus which causes an infection known as COVID-19. There is a great deal of information (and some misinformation) that is being generated locally, regionally, and nationally regarding this emerging health concern. Loon Lake School District relies on its official public health resources to get the most updated and accurate information. This is true of ANY infectious disease such as the flu, the measles, or even the common cold. 

Health providers are in constant communication with our regional health district (Northeast Tri County Health District) and the Washington State Department of Health, the statewide agency responsible for monitoring and communicating about public health emergencies. If there is report of ANY infectious disease which may be connected to students or staff of the Loon Lake School District, Tri County Health District would notify us and provide guidance as to how to respond.  No notice of this kind has happened.


In the meantime, District staff have been taking precautions and obtaining additional disinfectants to deal with an infection of any kind.  We are working to intensify the cleaning and sanitizing of highly-touched surfaces and to ensure stocking of additional cleaning and handwashing supplies.

The following list of every day precautions have been released by Department of Health officials:

As with any viral respiratory illness, such as all coronavirus and the flu, there are steps people can take to reduce their risk of becoming ill and spreading the virus. These include:

· Wash your hands frequently

· Avoid touching your mouth and eyes

· Cover your coughs and sneezes

· Stay away from people who are sick

· Stay home when you are sick

The Washington State Department of Health has established a call center to address questions from the public about novel coronavirus. The public may call 1-800-525-0127 and press #. Additional information and resources may be found at and

We will continue to keep you updated as we learn more. 


Brad Van Dyne, Superintendent