Loon Lake Home-Link


Loon Lake School District offers the Loon Lake Home-link Program to families in the area, and can accept out of district students as well. The purpose of this program is to provide support to those parents educating their kindergarten-eighth grade students at home.  This past year, LLHL served over 100 students. Some of those students came to on-site classes, and some were “Distance Students” only.


The Home-link site is located behind the old Loon Lake School (now the Historical Society).

The school year program provides appropriate curriculum, consultation, testing, instructional materials, enrichment activities, workshops and field trips (including ski program, CYT plays, and trips to Greenbluff, the MAC, Mobius Science, Cat Tails, roller skating), as funding allows. While the school year runs September-June, on-site enrichment activities and classes are offered on Fridays beginning in October. This year, the Home-link Program will offers classes for the on-site students in grades K-8th grade levels in art, hands-on-science, early learners, history, physical education, puppetry, writing, and for 4th-8th graders: stain glass. Certified teachers help families meet the requirements for academic achievement. The Home-Link has several classrooms, including a computer room, curriculum library, kitchen facility and parent’s room for families with babies and small children. In addition, the Home-Link students use the elementary school gym for P.E. classes.  


If you are interested in 2018-19 enrollment for your students educating at home, please email (preferred) tsimmons@loonlakeschool.org or call the Home-Link office 233-8185. Please leave a message, and we will contact you.